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Edo Japanese Restaurant
1701 N. Larkin Ave.
Crest Hill, IL 60403
Phone: (815) 729-4155

Customer Reviews

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By A Yahoo! Contributor, 03/17/10
Ive never been one for "raw food" but I must say as a first time sushi go-er I was pleasently surprised! The food was amazing and visually pleasing. But I think what really made Edo stand apart was the intimate atmosphere and the very friendly service. The sushi chef greets you from behind the sushi bar as you walk in and has a gracious repore with previous customers who have obviously come back for more. My fiance and I are repeat offenders!

Yelp 3/7/2010
I've been going to Edo's for over 12 years and I love it!
It's one of my favorite restaurants because I'm always made to feel welcome, like family.
The atmosphere is cozy (not too fancy, not overdone, but homey and subtle) and the food is always great....Such a solid place. Love it.

Yelp 6/9/2010
I have to admit my expectations were pretty low. While the ambience is not terrific, the staff is exceedingly friendly, and the rolls are superb! I did not have a lot of time and was by myself, so I was limited in what I could sample, but the Navy Pier roll, White Tuna Special roll, and Spider roll were terrific! I can't wait to go back and sample more! It definitely gives Fuji in Orland Park a run for it's money!

Yelp 5/30/2010
I eat here several times per month. I've eaten sushi all over the Chicago metro, including those places you see on billboards like Kamehachi. And, as far as the sushi goes, Edo's leaves them all in the dust. Yes, it is a hole in the wall; and, the decor is simple. However, I'm not eating the wallpaper. I'm there for the sushi. What does Edo's give you that I have received NO WHERE else in Ilinois sushi joints? A genuine, warm welcome the second you pop through the door. The owners are nearly always on site; and, they prepare and serve the sushi as if you were the Emperor of Japan himself. How often do you go anywhere these days and get service with a genuine smile? Yeah, I rest my case. I'm actually going there again tonight. I am a huge fan of the Miami roll and the Navy Pier roll. While I live in Joliet, there is no need to make the trek to Chicago to get good sushi. I have FABULOUS sushi, right here, in my own back yard.

Yelp 3/13/2010
Awesome little place... I arrived 10 minutes before they opened, and immediately had a good vibe since, there were already over 7 people waiting at the door before they even opened. I'm a Junkie of Spicy Mayo.. at certain locations. Needless to say I didn't even NEED to ask for spicy mayo the rolls were awesome went to EDO with a non sushi lover and we had 4 rolls..the Miami, Hawaian , Spicy tuna as well as Spicy Samon. Great place.. service is awesome! and the food was as fresh as could be.. Will visit back often.

By A Yahoo! Contributor, 02/22/10
OUTSTANDING! My hubby and I went there the day after Valentine Day (got some rescue pups on v-day see cbbr) and had their unagi sushi, caterpillar roll, MIAMI ROLL - BEST, and a Red Dragon roll. I have been to all the best sushi places in Chicago ($200 dinning) and was delighted to have the gift of awesome Japanese food in Crest Hill/Joliet area. My husband was nearly in tears, he loved it so much. He woke up talking about it in the morning... strange,but true. I told him we had to wait a while to go back since going two nights in a row would be weird. Ha! Love it!

By A Yahoo! Contributor, 10/31/09
This restaurant is in Crest Hill not Joliet, just to alleviate any confusion. I just wanted to take the time and write a review of this outstanding sushi restaurant. I moved to joliet from San Diego and did not expect to find a sushi restaurant this good in this area but i did. coming from california...the sushi capital of the usa, i can tell you that EDO in crest hill is as good as any sushi restaurant i have been to. If you like sushi spend your money here instead of traveling to chicago.......big fancy city does not equal good food.

By A Yahoo! Contributor, 02/23/09
Wow, what a find. If you are able to make a stop in Crest Hill, make your dinner at Edo. I've been going for quite some time(since Cho) and I still rate their sushi above all others. I am forced to go to other places via friends, business dinners, etc, and they never match up with Edo. The closest I've had to their flavor is Todai in Shaumburg, IL. While Todai had a much large selection, is still wasn't as tasty and fresh as Edo. I even rate Benihana below Edo, as the atmosphere and taste are still under par. For the price(which really is great compared to high end sushi bars), you get the same great taste. And the tempura and rice selections are very good. I think I'll make it there for lunch tomorrow!

By A Yahoo! Contributor, 09/19/08
Cute little hole in the wall restraunt! The employees are all great! They are polite and the sushi comes out pretty quick. Two thumbs up! :)

By A Yahoo! Contributor, 06/09/08
Edo's is simply a great restaurant. I go there ca. once a week. I always enjoy their great Sushi but also other foods offered. The people are friendly, the atmosphere is nice. Overall a nice destination spot to bring your family or to simply try some GREAT Sushi!! I also brought many work associates there and everybody says the same. I don't know who would not like the place. It's not fency. If you like simple, good, clean & healthy food, then you'll love Edo's! I'm lovin' it!

Yelp 8/21/2007
Went to Edo's on the advice of my friend Steve who is obsessed with Japanese food and culture. Before today, I had never had Japanese food and I was pleasantly surprised at the way the food at Edo's was simultaneously different and accessible. I had a three sushi variety sampler which came with California rolls with lobster, fried tempura including carrot, potato and shrimp and a really fresh salad. The complimentary soup was delicious and the sake (pronounced sock-aye remember) went down warm and well.
The service was more than accomodating and friendly with sometimes two servers at once checking on us together.
Oh and they have Ramune, a great Japanese soda that comes in different fruit flavors. The marble inside the bottle is a distinct novelty.
My experience here was great and the lunch went down very well. Who would have known this easy-to-miss little joint would be so great. They will get many more visits from me. Another great gem (along with Disc Replay) located in the shopping plaza at the corner of Larkin and 30. After eating artery-clogging pizza and burgers for so much lately, it was refreshing to taste the fresh and lite cuisine at Edo's. Thumbs up!


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